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wmic diskdrive list brief

will list the physical drives from the windows command line.

C:\Users\maarten.LIPPMANN>wmic diskdrive list brief
Caption                   DeviceID            Model                     Partitions  Size
TOSHIBA MK1637GSX         \\.\PHYSICALDRIVE1  TOSHIBA MK1637GSX         1           160039272960
TOSHIBA THNSNC128GCSJ     \\.\PHYSICALDRIVE0  TOSHIBA THNSNC128GCSJ     4           128035676160
ST2000NM 0011 USB Device  \\.\PHYSICALDRIVE2  ST2000NM 0011 USB Device  1           2000396321280

You can then use dd from the unix utils package to write an image to a drive.

I use this to backup or install flashrd images onto a usb stick or cf card for my soekris devices if I don't have easy access to a Linux or BSD system.